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Cardio, Strength, and Stretching: A Blog

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Cardio, Strength, and Stretching

3 Benefits Of In-Home Physical Therapy

Rose James

In-home physical therapy is performed in your own home, so you don't have to leave your house to go to a physical therapy clinic. If you have had surgery or some type of injury, you may be in need of physical therapy and you may need to go to a facility for this to be done. At-home physical therapy may be a better option for you if you have issues getting to the therapy clinic or you are unable to move about easily. If you aren't sure if you should get in-home physical therapy, read on for some benefits to help you decide.

1. No Need To Leave The House

There is no need to leave the house if you have opted for in-home physical therapy. You won't have to drive or find someone to drive you to the clinic. Your therapist will be brought to you instead. There is no worry about hurting yourself getting to the clinic, parking, worrying about getting inside, or any other worries, as you will remain at home for your therapy.

2. It's More Comfortable At Home

You may find that it is more comfortable to be in your own home doing your therapy than it would be working in a clinical setting. You can work around the things in your own home, which also provides a bit of comfort, such as getting up and down from your own couch, navigating around the things in your own kitchen, getting up and down out of your own bed, or moving around your own bathroom. It may make you feel more comfortable, and you may recover faster from your injury or surgery.

3. You'll Get One-On-One Care

If you are in your own home, you will have one-on-one care with in-home physical therapy. With a therapy appointment in the office, you may have to share time with others in a group setting, but at an in-home appointment, you can have all of that time with your therapist, which can help with your overall healing process.

If you aren't sure if you should get your physical therapy at a clinic or at home, you should consult the therapy office and your physician to see what is best for you and for your recovery. Talk to your insurance carrier to be sure you qualify for in-home therapy and enjoy these and other benefits of this type of therapy.

For more information about in-home physical therapy, contact a local clinic.